[Mixtape] A Real Human Being, and A Real Hero 映画『Drive』をテーマに

by - 2/23/2012

  1. College - A Real Hero
  2. M83 - Midnight City
  3. Jamie Woon - Night Air
  4. L-vis 1990 - Neon Dreams
  5. Beat Connection - Fresh Touch
  6. The xx - Stats
  7. Beach House - D.A.R.L.I.N.G.
  8. Desire - Under Your Spell

Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark

I've acquired a taste for silence
Darkness fills my heart with calmness

Where did you come from
You're no stranger
How I know you will return
so I won't be sad
D.A.R.-L.I.N.G - .....

If you want me
Let me know
Where do you wanna go
No need for talking
I already know

I don't eat
I don't sleep
I do nothing but think of you

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